Sergey Kan
Professional photographer, 360 image and VR expert, Founder
Be There

Before starting a reality capture business, worked as a photographer, Sergey worked as a real estate agent/adviser. After one year spent working for Google Street View special collect project, Sergey started working in the VR field only. Another year has been spent in gathering experience and learning new technologies and as a result, Be There was founded.

Be There is a small, developing company, serving all-in-one reality capture service including interactive 3D and VR tours using Matterport GeoCV and Google Street View technology, drone photo and video service, photogrammetry, traditional photography, and video.

As a local partner and member of Reality Capture Experts, the world’s largest organized network of reality capture experts, Be There provides 3D and Virtual Reality solutions designed to support any industry that uses, modifies, communicates about, or markets real-world places.