Patrick Landman
CEO & Founder

We are a game changer in the international hotel industry, challenging the status quo. Xotels launched in 2006 as a revenue management consultancy has grown into a hotel management company with a portfolio of 80+ hotels in 4 continents and 13 countries. In 2018 we sold 2,000,000 rooms.

The hotel industry needs a make-over from within, and get rid engraided way of thinking and old school approach to the hospitality business.

Our decision-making processes are purely data-driven, which comes from our analytical background. Personal preferences and tastes are irrelevant. Facts drive business results. And importantly we work with best of breed technology to increase financial performance.

Combining our business development DNA with excellent personalized service standards, we turn independent hotels into market leaders. We also develop and design new hotel concepts to deliver a high ROI.

Xotels, a new breed of hoteliers …