Dr. Maya Ivanova
Associate Professor in Tourism and Hospitality
Varna University of Management

Dr. Maya Ivanova is an Associate Professor in Tourism and Hospitality in Varna University of Management and certified IATA/UFTAA instructor. With more than 10 years of professional experience as tour operator, Dr. Ivanova keeps close contacts with the industry and participates as a lecturer and expert in various projects, like HELIX, Destination Varna, Next Tourism Generation, Travel Academy, etc.

She is a CEO of Zangador Ltd., a training and consultancy company in hospitality and tourism, where she successfully trains industry professionals in management and marketing of travel agencies, customer service in travel agencies, event management, hotel marketing.

Also, Maya serves as an Editorial assistant of the European Journal of Tourism Research and has over 30 publications on hotel chains, tourism, hospitality, and aviation in renowned journals around the world.