Радка Теличкова

Radka Telyčková is the Director of TrustYou Authorized Sellers EMEA.

She has been Managing the team of Authorized Sellers in EMEA TrustYou since 2017 and her hotel consulting company is an active TrustYou Authorized Seller for Eastern Europe since 2013 with over 250 hotels in the portfolio. Radka grew up in the hotel family, working in the hospitality industry since 1999, and I have expertise in several areas of hospitality marketing focusing on mastering revenue with a direct booking approach and online reputation.

Besides TrustYou, Radka is co-managing a hotel consulting company with a proven record of achieving revenue targets. Innovative enjoys initiating new & creative ideas and subsequently implementing changes and new systems, which have been successful in generating better results. Very good understanding of revenue, and channel management, PMS, and CRM integration. Expert in reputation management for small, and middle-sized properties and local chains.

Radka is an established speaker in the hospitality industry with strong presentation skills. Absolute service mentality, creativity, and ability to work in a team. Working with a positive attitude, supportive team spirit, and being able to motivate the customer, clients, and the team in a very natural way.