The hotel of the future is already here: which technologies and solutions are changing the business and how to make the most of them?

Revenue management: is it possible to predict the demand in a complex environment?

Innovations in hotel marketing: how to get ahead of the competition — fast?

Talent management: what do hoteliers need to offer in order to compete with other industries?

TOP 100 Best Hotels in Bulgaria Awards

HTIF Opening Cocktail Party


Summer season 2019: How to survive the perfect storm?

Hotel brands in the age of OTAs: Do they offer more?

Game of Profits: Is investing in hotels in Southeast Europe and Bulgaria in particular worth it?

Design and architecture: What are the key trends, challenges, and opportunities for hospitality investors and architects?

4 or 5-star: which hotels are more profitable today in Bulgaria?

F&B department can do more: How to boost restaurant and bar revenues?

TOP 100 Best Hotels in Bulgaria Awards

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