Program Highlights

Travel and Tourism 2023/2024: International trends, source markets, what are the opportunities for Bulgaria? 

Destination “Bulgaria”: What are the opportunities for growth?

View from the top: A conversation with hotel investors and executives about the business climate in 2023 and beyond

AI, robots, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain: What are the most promising technology innovations in the hotel industry, and how to make the most of them, today?

How hotel design can add value to a better guest experience: ideas and case studies

Sustainability and green Hotels: what challenges and opportunities the hoteliers expect in the near future?

Revenue management trends: How to increase revenue by optimizing hotel rates and occupancy?

How to achieve and maintain a high quality of the hotel product despite the challenges facing the business?

Building a strong employer brand: What are the roles of the hotel owner, GM, and team?

Direct vs. Indirect bookings: how to make the most of different distribution channels?