Dr. Ákos Niklai
Vice President
HOTREC, Hospitality Europe (the umbrella association of  Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe)

Other current and recent positions:
•    Honorary and Past President of the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association
•    Managing Director of Kárpátia Hospitality Co., Budapest, Hungary
•    Vice President of Business Hungary (MGYOSZ)
•    Board Member of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
•    Past President of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian National Tourist Office
•    Founding co-chairman of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in Hungary
•    Chairman of the Consistory  of Budapest Business University

Education / Qualifications:
•    Hospitality Management High School, Budapest
•    University of Economics, Budapest
•    DR OEC, University of Economics Budapest
•    Professor Honoris Causa – Budapest Business University

•    Various  positions with 4 and 5 star hotels in Budapest
•    Sales & Marketing Manager, Resident Manager of the Duna InterContinental Hotel, Budapest / now Marriott /
•    General Manager of Forum Hotel Budapest / now Intercontinental / as well as Restaurant Gundel
•    Excutive Director of the Hotels and Catering Division of Ansett Australia Airlines Group
•    Managing Director of Hayman Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
•    Assistant General Manager / Director of Ansett Australia Airlines

Major achievements / awards:
•    Founding chairman of the Clefs D’Or Hotel Concierge School, Budapest
•    Forum Hotel Budapest – Best Hotel for Businessmen in Europe by American Express
•    Best Hotel in Hungary for several years
•    Award of Excellence by the International Hotel Association
•    Best Resort in Australia for several years, listed regularly among the best resorts worldwide by Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure – Hayman Island
•    Nominated for the Hotelier of the Year by Hotels magazine/ International Hotel Association /
•    Mercury Award – Ansett International Airline
•    EHF Award – HOTREC-Gaspart Bonet Foundation